All you can eat tacos and beer? Sign me up!

If you're a San Diegan and haven't heard of Tacotopia, I'm sorry to say you've missed out on this year's event. There's always next year though, so here's a glimpse at some of the gluttony that went down this past Saturday in Golden Hill.

Do you have a napkin ready? Because your mouth's bound to water.


The day started out early. For some reason, we were up cleaning, prepping our cameras (which we embarrassingly haven't truly touched in months), and drinking coffee before the festival started at noon. We left our house early and arrived shortly before 12 to snag street parking before it inevitably filled up with taco-eaters and luckily for us, we got one a short block away at the rec center on the side of the road in the dirt.

The weather was thankfully perfect for an event like this. May gray made it an absolutely ideal day to be out in a park, soaking up all the beautiful smells of tacos and washing it all down with beer... without risking the burn of the hot sun. 

When we arrived, the doors weren't open yet so the line was daunting, but they began letting guests in early so we got in quickly and easily. Our plan of attack? We had none... unlike many others. It was simply... hey this line is pretty short and they have food. Or, I've heard this place was good, so let's get some of these.


I only have 3 tips for anyone attending or planning to attend a taco festival like this:

  1. Eat while waiting in line
  2. Always grab extra napkins
  3. Go for the VIP tickets (you get in an hour+ earlier than the GA crowd, plus 2 free drinks at the cash bar)

In addition to the tacos and beer, there were also plenty of other vendors available to fill up your bellies.

Churros from Compton, chips, cotton candy, and even fancy flavored milk to name a few. The neat thing was, some of these taco vendors traveled from far and wide to be here - some from LA and TJ. They weren't just local taco spots, so I could understand the hype that surrounded them. There were vegan options, in addition to your traditional street tacos, and even some sit down restaurants showed face. In the end, everyone had tickets to vote for their favorite, but I think the focus was primarily on stuffing our faces so I'm not sure what the results were.

As for entertainment, we even got to watch some Lucha Libre - something I've never seen in person before. There was also some live painting and everyone was allowed to bring their own beach chairs and blankets to just chill in the park. It was a low-key event, and time passed pretty quickly if I don't say so myself!


The airplanes flew overhead every 5 or 10 minutes, and for the early bird price of only $40 per VIP ticket, it was worth the price of food and drink and definitely gave us something to do for the day. It's a great thing to enjoy on a nice Spring day if you've never been, but once the crowds turned up around 1 or 2, the lines got pretty crazy and the wait for a single taco or beer was a little more than I would've bothered for (compared to other beer festivals we've been to where there was little to no line - we don't like waiting!). It did, however, give us a chance to try out a bunch of taco places all at once, and we were full for the rest of the day - so, an overall success!


Happy taco Tuesday, friends! Hope you found some lunch/dinner inspiration for today! 🌮