Smorgasburg : When Eating is Life

If there’s one thing we’re always down for, it’s a foodie adventure.

So on our way back from a short weekend getaway to Los Angeles, we decided to stop by Smorgasburg in downtown LA to fill our bellies up before heading home.

It was our first time going, and we were pretty excited for the fair-like food extravaganza we were about to dive head-first into. We got there early, so parking was a breeze, and the lines weren’t long for the things we had our eyes on yet.

The early bird gets the worm… or in this case, the full belly first! 🐷

First up: Mozzarella Sticks @ the Big Mozz

Smorgasburg, Downtown LA ///

Okay, come on. You should all know by now that I. LOVE. CHEESE. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that we grabbed these massive mozzarella sticks up the instant we walked through the gates (because there was no line!) and they were a great choice.

Beautifully seasoned, gooey, and actually pretty filling. 100% recommend these mozzarella strips from Big Mozz if you spot them. Probably the best mozzarella sticks I’ve had to date.

Smorgasburg, Downtown LA ///

Next up: Hot Star Chicken

The famed Taiwanese chicken, the size of your face. Basically, if you like the popcorn chicken you get a boba shops, you’ll love this giant piece of piping hot chicken. Get it spicy. Grab a stack of napkins or your hands will start burning. Find a shady spot to eat your chicken. Yum.

Smorgasburg, Downtown LA ///

Save the bag so you can carry around your leftover chicken like the weirdos we were (haha).

Quenching our Thirst @ The_Base

Smorgasburg, Downtown LA ///

This drink might have easily been my most favorite item we got in all of Smorgasburg (although all of the things we got were excellent). While there were a few options available to quench our thirst in the scorching midday heat (Sip matcha included - but we grabbed some of that on our way up to LA), we decided on a large drink from the_base : lychee butterflypea with meyer-nade.

SO REFRESHING. We finished every last drop of this thing after bringing it home. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Beating the Heat: Ice Cream @ Wanderlust Creamery

Smorgasburg, Downtown LA ///

And while we didn’t really eat much of a full meal, sharing a plate of huge cheese sticks, a massive slab of fried chicken, and now cleansing our palates with 2 scoops of Japanese neapolitan ice cream from Wanderlust Creamery seemed to really fill us up.

The ice cream was light but flavorful. The scoops were a melded combination of matcha, hojicha, and black sesame, and was a great finish to the heavy mouthfeel from the food we’d just finished prior. If we weren’t so full, I’d totally get the croissant + coffee flavor, but alas I only have one stomach :(

So what do you do at a food fest when you’re full? Well, go home I guess…

Smorgasburg, Downtown LA ///
Smorgasburg, Downtown LA ///

It was basically almost noon, and if we left now, we’d be home with just enough time to unpack from our weekend and wind down/relax for the rest of the evening (you know, mentally prep for Monday’s arrival). So, we parted ways and headed on our way.

I’m so glad we decided to stop by Smorgasburg, and I’m even happier they hold this every Sunday. It reminds me of all the food cart pods in Portland and I honestly just like the laid back, casual atmosphere it provides, while giving people the opportunity to try a ton of new things in a single location.

Better yet, can’t wait to come back. There are still donuts, snow cones, katsu sandwiches, and plenty of other goodies I want to try. 😋