Sunday Coffee

A late night at work means I have to strategically schedule my morning with either errands or relaxing to the max to mentally prep myself for the chaos that's about to ensue, and today I wanted to make sure I caffeinated myself before heading to the hospital (I learned my lesson from the day before — never go to work without caffeine, I told myself).  

To accomplish this in the few hours prior to my shift, I knew I wanted to check out MOSTRA COFFEE which had just opened their new storefront doors this month. Finally! They’re not only close to home, so we don’t have to venture too far, but being nearby also leaves me ample time to get some errands done and to have lunch before having to head out as well. So this morning, we slowly woke up to the strong Santa Ana winds blowing pebbles at our window (yuck) and ventured out.

Their cafe was absolutely buzzing with excitement. Patrons in line were taking photos, videos, and selfies all over the place, and all of the staff members were working their butts off making one fine drink after another. There is a massive marble table that runs the length of the shop, along with concrete tables lining the perimeter, and some antique-looking booths that parallel the line where you’d wait to place your order. Pastries in a display case greet you as you’re about to order, but we only opted for coffee on this visit.

I decided on the creme brûlée latte, while Jason ordered the campfire latte — both some of their most popular drinks. They even torch the top of the brûlée latte.. cool right?! Jason got his drink iced but I personally think it might've been better hot. After briefly conferring with some friends who frequent Mostra more often, they recommended the cold brew and cappuccino as well. Note taken!


After taking a second to refuel and take in the ambience of their brand spanking new location (yay!), I have to say I’m just waiting for a super rainy day (let's be real — I have been waiting for a rainy day for a long time now, and we've had what, 1 rain storm this season?)  to come so I can sit in the peace and quiet of the cafe to enjoy some java. Don’t know if anyone else is with me, but while a super busy and exciting cafe is one thing, there’s just something about the din of a low key coffee house that just makes me feel all cozy inside. Just me?? K. 



Anywho, we grabbed some sandwiches from Board & Brew for lunch, then made a quick stop by Target for some necessities (I swear, almost everything we got was on my shopping list). I *even* found a planter to replant my crazy overgrown succulents in, so they’ll be rehomed soon whenever I get the chance.  All this, and some editing, before work? I think I’m only this productive when Jason’s with me. If I was by myself all day I don’t think I would’ve gotten nearly this much done... but a little more on procrastination and productivity (or should I say the opposite?) in a later post.  


Here’s to everyone who has to work on weekends, and for everyone in all the coffee shops out there fueling us forward. Cheers!