Summertime Date Night

If you knew me well enough, you’d know I’m a deal hunter - if I’m gonna splurge, that doesn’t mean I won’t seek out the best opportunities to save some $$$ whilst doing so first. So when the chance came to score a complimentary dining experience at CLOAK & PETAL, I set my alarm and nabbed it.

How? Well, thanks to Verizon, you get a free credit to redeem after spending a certain amount of money and because our family phone bill reaches that limit frequently, I’m often given the opportunity to redeem these credits for (what’s typically) a $5 gift card for something like Starbucks or Amazon. This time, though, they offered up a dinner for two which they do on the rare occasion and I was lucky enough to claim that reward for myself.

I’ve blogged about our first and last visit to Cloak & Petal in the past, but we didn’t eat that time around so I was excited to be given the opportunity to try their food!

I made our reservation for a Sunday evening (hello, free parking!) and we headed down after feeding our fur baby.

It was still early in the evening, and the skies were overcast in Little Italy as we grabbed a parking spot along the street.

It wasn’t quite time for our reservation yet, but they were nice enough to seat us right away… just ahead of the dinner time rush. The restaurant was scattered with groups and couples alike, and after being seated in a cozy booth, we focused in on the good stuff first - the drinks!

For our dinner, we were provided with a special pre fixe menu and given the opportunity to each choose a starter, entree, and dessert - a more than generous offering of food, we thought, but actually came out to be the perfect portion to happily satisfy both of our appetites.

For starters, we ordered the chicken karaage and hamachi jalapeno. The plates were both sized to share, and while not quite like the traditional Japanese version, we did find their twist on the dishes quite tasty.

Our drinks arrived shortly thereafter, and just in time to enjoy with our meal.

I ordered the Cloak & Petal Julep and Jason ordered the Japanese to English - their version of a japanese manhattan.

After a few sips, though, Jason kindly offered to swap drinks since I wasn’t feeling the Julep much, and preferred his drink more! 😅Oh how my taste buds have evolved over the years.

From where we were seated, we could watch the bustle of the kitchen through an open window, and peer over to the bar underneath the cherry blossom trees.

Cloak & Petal, San Diego, CA ///
Cloak & Petal, San Diego, CA ///
Cloak & Petal, San Diego, CA ///
Cloak & Petal, San Diego, CA ///

Shortly thereafter, our entrees arrived!

I ordered the 4oz wagyu zabutan (no idea what that means, btw) that came with a mushroom saute, black pepper soy reduction, and an egg yolk. Jason opted for the glazed duck breast, which sat on top of a beet puree and came with golden tomatoes and was drizzled with scallion oil.

Look at those beauties!

Here’s the thing - I don’t like mushrooms. The texture weirds me out, and they don’t really taste like anything to me so I always avoid them whenever I can. BUT! The mushroom saute that came with my steak was SO good. After breaking the yolk on the mushrooms, neither of us could stop eating them.

The wagyu itself was good, especially when paired with soy reduction. The meat alone wasn’t comparable to the A5 wagyu I had at Born & Raised down the street, but the reduction really helped it stand out.

Just as we rounded out our main course, we also finished up our drinks in time for an after-dinner refreshment with our desserts.

Cloak & Petal, San Diego, CA ///
Cloak & Petal, San Diego, CA ///
Cloak & Petal, San Diego, CA ///
Cloak & Petal, San Diego, CA ///

With our final drink in hand, the Casa Branca, we were ready for the grand finale… ice cream!

I chose the avocado ice cream and Jason picked out a sorbet. They came delivered to us in the cutest cups and the most beautiful garnish. They were the perfect ending to our dinner and cleansed our palates beautifully.

And so wraps up our (rare) date night! With my rotating schedule, it’s oftentimes hard to find time when we’re both free to really kick back and relax without worrying about having to be somewhere - this perk was a nice and welcomed surprise. ♥︎

What’s your go-to spot for date night, or what’s a spot you’ve been eyeing? Would love any suggestions for future outings!