Seaside Breakfast

MIA much?

Honestly, since the official start of summer we've just been spending more time out and about either eating, drinking, or just hanging out with our friends... and it's been a breath of fresh air.

We've seen faces we haven't seen in months. Done things we haven't done in years. Laughed and made new memories we won't forget until we're old... and even if we've been (at times) out of our comfort zone and doing things that may not be "blog material" (but probably IG story material) it's been a hell of a month and the end of June/beginning of July was pretty damn fun. Sorry - these things won't be shared here, but just know we've been away spending our time wisely, but unfortunately we just don't have any nice content to share about it 🤫



We did have breakfast on a beautiful sunny morning right off the coast of Del Mar one fine morning, though, and the seaside breeze was a god-send in this wretched summer heat.

Seaside Breakfast in San Diego, CA ///

I miss the June gloom so much. Can this heat wave take a hike already? Anyway we had a casual breakfast at PACIFICA BREEZE CAFE, accompanied by the friendliest (and softest) yellow lab.

He was with his owners, who sat at the table next to us, and was super well behaved. He only ever lifted his head to sniff at our food... but never bothered to get any closer for a taste. 

Seaside Breakfast in San Diego, CA ///

I ordered the butter pecan waffles and Jason ordered a scramble. We each sat down with a latte and just enjoyed the ocean view and breeze that blew in as the crowds walked below us.

I totally understood, after a few moments, why the cafe was aptly named "Pacifica Breeze". The ocean wind was light and gentle, and kept us cool in the shade. The difficult thing was, eating sticky pancakes and having your hair fly in your face, but something only people with long hair could empathize with I'm sure.

Regardless, our food and view was satisfying, and we left shortly after our four-legged friend did.

Seaside Breakfast in San Diego, CA ///
Seaside Breakfast in San Diego, CA ///

It's actually been a few years since we'd been back to 15th street (together, at least). We used to frequent this area all the time back in my high school days - my girls will remember when we used to come on those cool foggy mornings to walk around, posing awkwardly on trees. We even had a BBQ here once our senior year. This was many moons ago and we still haven't had a BBQ since haha!

Seaside Breakfast in San Diego, CA ///

We don't often opt to eat outside much, due to certain difficulties like weather, wind, napkins flying around, bugs, etc. but find that we've been dining outdoors more often recently.

Do you have any favorite outdoor dining spots? Let us know! If we're outside, it's usually just to drink.

We've got such perfect weather here in SD, and wind aside (I HAAATE WIND!) I think it's a great change in ambience from time to time :)


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