Celebrating 12 years

We’ve been together for 12 years as of this February; 2 years married on record.

It goes without saying that to many of those who’ve known us for any significant amount time, Jason and I have become an image of “one” — it’s somewhat unusual to see one without the other, or to mention us in a term without referring to us as the pair.

That’s sort of what happens after 12 years.

We’ve melded into a singular form, and sometimes when life rushes by (as it tends to do when the holidays reappear) we, ourselves, can forget the finer things in life that once marked time as “special” or divided it into different chapters. We never intend to dip our minds and leave them in the melting pot of chaos and confusion that is the life of juggling work/leisure/personal responsibilities, but it happens, and if we forget these tiny life celebrations … well, what will we ever have left?

In more recent days of the past 4 months, our lives have comprised of 6 AM alarms and cold, early morning walks with the dog. Discussions regarding dog stool consistency and their correlation to dog diets, allergies, and current studies of dilated cardiomyopathy, in conjunction with evaluating our time and financial situation relative to the rest of our lives. Back and forth regarding frequencies of (doggy) bowel movements, occasional accident clean-ups while attempting to maintain the aesthetic of our household, and more bathtimes than we thought we’d need to give. All the while, trying to juggle our two ever-changing, evolving, and unsteady work schedules, in addition to monitoring two separate illnesses in our pet, let alone attempting to heal ourselves of our own colds and adjusting to our new pre-10 PM bedtime - I guess you could say we were pretty strung out and thrown out of whack.

People have asked me where (and how) I’ve been and it’s been hard to come up with an answer, but now that I’ve had time to write it all down … well, to be honest life simply got in the way and we almost didn’t have a plan, even to celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong, our anniversary (and my upcoming 30th birthday) was on my mind for quite some time, yet we just never had time to discuss or plan. Nor did either of us have the energy or hurrah to really take initiative. I don’t know how else to describe it. It just wasn’t a priority anymore… but if we didn’t make ourselves a priority, honestly nobody else would.

So, it was Thursday - the day of our actual anniversary. I’d already been looking up reservations for Born & Raised, but all were at undesirable times for the weekend. Someone must’ve canceled their spot, because a table opened up for a better time that Sunday, earlier in the evening in time for sunset, so we decided to spontaneously go for it.

Sunday Drive to Little Italy


We must have turned turned 60 because for some reason, a 5pm dinner reservation at the tail end of Winter seemed ideal. We headed down to Little Italy just as the sun (and our appetites) peaked, and as we luckily found parking nearby and grabbed an early drink before our sitting time we were able to get just the right amount of light in for all of our photos … and to watch the sunset as we were seated waiting for our tableside appetizers to arrive.

Did I plan that? Of course not, but it worked out perfectly!


Drinks at Sunset

We stepped upstairs onto the rooftop bar for drinks while we waited for our reservation, and absolutely loved the cozy setup - fireplace, couches, indoor/outdoor feel.

I opted for a ‘Whiskey Smash’, and Jason opted for ‘The Rusty Nail’ - both well made and delicious! At this point, I honestly couldn’t remember the last time we had a drink together, alone, and without the responsibility of having to worry about our pup being up in other people’s business or peeing on the floor!

Cheers to a moment of finally feeling like “us” again! (is this what parenthood feels like??! cuz 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏽‍♂️)


Dinner on the Rooftop

Blood buzzing, we were escorted to our seats on the edge of the rooftop patio overlooking the streets of Little Italy to await our meal - mouths salivating in anticipation.


Our server received word that we were celebrating that evening, so he treated us to a champagne toast! 🥂


The sun slowly sank and turned the sky pink and orange as we decided on tableside steak tartare and seared foie gras for starters.

Our third round of drinks arrived: a “Sidecar” and another “Whiskey Smash”. I liked the sidecar more than this whiskey smash, however, so Jason traded me his sidecar :)


Also, the tableside steak tartare had arrived! We loved the show ✨


Shortly thereafter, the seared foie gras arrived — we were in foodie heaven!

I couldn’t remember the last time we’d had a thick slab of foie gras… it was like biting into butter. 🤤



Needless to say, we finished every last morsel.

By now, the outdoor awning was pulled down low to block the evening wind, and the sun had disappeared but we were too busy wolfing down our steak and duck liver (wow, we even eat like our dog now) to notice, but the main course was still yet to come!


And now, more meat.

I opted for the A5 wagyu from Japan. Seeing that we haven’t been lucky enough to actually go to Japan yet, I figured it’d be okay to splurge this time. Jason opted for the bone-in ribeye. We were not disappointed in the least. We did get one side of potatoes, cuz well.. potatoes.

The rest of this meal was a blur, but the good kind fueled by both comatose and aforementioned imbibements.


The meal ended just as quickly as it began, and before we knew it, our somewhat spontaneously planned date was over.

After all was said and done, we got home just early enough to still feed our dog at a relatively reasonable time and take him out to potty with another hour or so of time to ourselves to just unwind before mentally gearing up for Monday and resetting our schedules all over again.

I can’t say much more about the value of time since much of what remains on my mind has practically already been said or repeated at one point or another… but this was probably one of THE overall most delicious meals I’ve had to date! Pricey, yes, but I read something recently that simply asked this - Will this matter a year from now?