A Latte A Day

A latte a day keeps the grumps away. Press play.

I'm noticing a trend, aren't you? I swear we weren't this reliant on coffee in the past. It's just more recently that we've had the chance to finally soak in our slow mornings with a cup of warm, aromatic bean water that we've eventually succumbed to its addictive properties. It's alright though, because the coffee shop scene isn't too aesthetically unappealing either, and I'm all about using these cup holders of mine (a.k.a. hands) for all varieties of beverages.

This time, we took shelter from the weekend rays and killed time at COFFEE & TEA COLLECTIVE. We had a few hours on our hands, and I had a serious case of the yawns, so after finishing up a coma-inducing brunch, we headed over to a fairly quiet and empty shop and sipped our time away.

I went with a vanilla latte, and Jason got a cappuccino. Can I just mention how on point their latte art is here, though? Not only that, but the foam on my latte retained itself to the very end, so I got to stare at it the entire time. Albeit, with eyes half open because I was still very, very sleepy... but I was fighting off a cold here, and trying to make it to a happy hour date we'd penciled in nearly 2 weeks prior!

What's your go-to coffee order when visiting new coffee shops? Do you usually stick to hot or iced drinks, or do you leave it up to the weather to determine your order? 

Jason, meanwhile, was busy taking video footage of me embarrassingly half-consciously guzzling down my coffee... but he managed to make that pretty little video up there anyway!

Take a look again if you happened to scroll past it, and cheers to yet another week fueled by the roasted remains of a beautiful little bean. ☕️