Saturday Brunch for 2

We normally have like to spend our Sunday's sleeping in and starting the day off late, but for whatever reason, Saturday was our lazy day this time around and we decided to grab a late brunch. It was essentially lunch time by the time we got to our restaurant, but we'll call it brunch nonetheless.

We hadn't been back to this particular spot since our friends kidnapped us and surprised us with a pre-bachelor/bachelorette dinner back in May, and I'd been curious about their brunch so we decided to come by randomly to give it a go. The restaurant itself is absolutely gorgeous and insanely aesthetically pleasing. If you've never been, you'll be intrigued by it's unique indoor-outdoor feel and we highly recommend stopping by for cocktails, if anything. (and if you're looking for beer, you'll be happy to know Small Bar is immediately next door and also has a killer brunch that we've enjoyed on a multitide of occasions—even my birthday!)

I already loved the cocktails I'd had on our last visit here, so I was definitely looking forward to trying a few more again this time. I ordered a coffee cocktail off their specials (mm egg white!) and Jason got something with tequila (so out of our norm!). Both drinks were beautiful, and tasted delicious.

After skimming through Yelp, I knew we had to get an order of their waffled churro sticks. These came out blazingly fast, and they smelled so amazing. The table next to us immediately placed an order for them after the server walked past their table with our plate. I mean... just looking at these pictures makes my mouth water. I think if we ever came back for brunch, I would just order this for myself and maybe get a size of bacon cuzzzzz this was the ish! Maybe double up on the white frosting, get rid of the berry sauce, and get all raspberries instead, and game on. MM!


Well, needless to say, those waffled churro sticks were a hard course to beat. I had a ham benedict with fruit and Jason had a special jalapeno breakfast sandwich as our main course. They weren't the most amazing versions of either forms we've ever had, but they weren't terrible. I think we were just having a hard time coming off the waffled churro stick high haha. They were just so delicious! 

We had our second drinks planned out and ready to go, but food coma settled in and we got too full to carry onwards, so we'll have to try more of the drink menu some other day. That wasn't where the laziness ended though, we actually just ended up heading home after brunch and calling it a day after stopping by a tux shop to get Jason fitted for one of our best friend's upcoming wedding, and dropping off our empty keg at a Alesmith. We didn't even grab a beer while we were there because we were so full!



We spent the rest of the evening editing here and there and watching YouTube. Lazy day at its finest, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love having time to just do nothing, don't you? It's times where I'm always having to do something that makes me feel like I'm almost suffocating... and that's when I really get uncomfortable and unhappy with life. The freedom to do absolutely nothing and be perfectly content is an amazing feeling, and I think if you can responsibly grasp onto that reality, it's something you should absolutely treasure while you can ♥︎