Tacos + Homemade Mules

So we have these confetti canons that we wanted to use for our wedding... but we were given a laundry list of reasons as to why they were unreasonable and how they could potentially end up costing us more money at the end of the night, so we were talked out of using them and they ended up sitting on the floor of my office for 3 months, until now.


Needless to say, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! And even though Jason was nervous about the clean up afterwards, it was actually a breeze to clean up. I literally just gathered these things with my hands in a pile and picked them up in seconds and dumped them in the trash. I'm honestly bummed we were talked out of using these on our wedding day now—they would've been amazing! 

Lesson learned: if you've got a big idea, don't let people reason you out of it! We're all guilty of doing this, even to ourselves. I know I talk myself out of things all the time... but it's even more important in those once-in-a-lifetime kind of moments. I mean, I'm not telling you to be unreasonable, because COMMON SENSE IS VERY IMPORTANT, and you need to have it (first, and foremost!). But, if you've only got one shot at it, make sure it counts.


New years day, 2018

Onto those tacos, right. We made the journey all the way down to Chula Vista and caught a quick glimpse of the line out the door at Tacos El Gordo and decided to impulsively drive a few miles further to the Otay location where there was luckily a) parking, b) no line, and c) plenty of open tables! Winner, winner! We ordered 12 freaking adobada tacos (they are our fave, and while we also like the carne asada, the adobada are hands down the best tacos in our world).

Gluttony at it's finest, ladies and gents. We devoured these beauties with finesse and utilized only 3 napkins per person. If you're keeping score, Jason ate 7 tacos, and I ate 5. Luckily, my mom always makes it a habit to force us to bring wet wipes home with us whenever we leave Barona (lol) so we had a spare wet wipe in the car to clean our digits off with afterwards. (Thanks mom!)

We attempted to visit a brewery while we were down south, but they ended up being closed for the holiday so we left and headed for home after being unable to come up with anything exciting to do. We did, however, make a quick stop by the grocery store on our way back to pick up a couple things after deciding to make our own drinks at home—an idea I admittedly woke up to since I fell asleep in the car during the drive home hehe.


Homemade mules for 2

Jason has a knack for making cocktails (I even got him this recipe book for Vintage Cocktails last Christmas!), so he pulled out all of his supplies and began whipping up some mules. These are probably the easiest things you can make and pretty fool-proof, besides the whiskey neats he likes, so if you're wondering how he makes them, wonder no more! These are our go-to DIY cocktails for at-home enjoyment since they usually turn out well and take very little effort!

The following recipe makes enough for 2 drinks:

  • 1 whole lime, cut in half
  • Fresh sprigs of mint
  • Vodka, 4oz
  • Two servings of ginger beer, 7-8oz each (we recommend this version, or this version if you like to spice things up!)
  • Bitters, optional (we use these ones)

Squeeze the juice of 1 whole lime into your cocktail shaker, along with 4oz vodka and a handful of cubed ice. If your ice machine spits out crushed chunks of ice like ours likes to from time to time, just rinse it off in the sink to get rid of the smaller ice pieces before putting it in your shaker so as to prevent your drink from getting diluted (Jason just taught me that)! Split your mixture into your 2 copper mugs along with a handful of fresh ice, then add your serving of ginger beer to each mug. Pull off some sprigs of mint, clap your mint to release the aroma, then garnish and top with bitters if you please.

Et voila!

They should taste just as good as the ones you pay $10+ for, and if something's not quite right, just adjust the ratio of ingredients to best suit your taste! Like with cooking, it's trial and error, and the beauty of having all the ingredients at your fingertips is that you'll start to learn more about where your preferences lean. If you're interested in any of the barware we use, I'll go ahead and list them below. They're incredible time savers, have all been very useful in our DIY cocktail making journey, and look incredibly pretty to boot! Cheers!


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