Holiday Decor + a7riii Test Shots

It's that time of year -- we pulled out our one (!) box of Christmas decorations and put up our tree last week. Then on Tuesday, Jason's wedding gift to me (the Sony a7Riii) finally arrived in the mail and after a few nights of us playing around with the settings and perusing the user manual, I got a few moments to myself on my day off to fidget with it. I took some test shots around the house and now you can see how (un)festive our home is :P

Definitely still learning how to use this thing (the camera), but here's to hoping I get the hang of it before we go international and start trekking out on glaciers because my fingers will probably lose sensation and I will definitely need to know what I'm doing by then.

Other than that, the only thing I've managed to accomplish today is running 2 rounds of the Roomba and procrastinating (yet again) on our wedding thank you cards. I promise I'll get to them eventually! The stack is just so daunting... All of this while the news has been covering the new and quickly growing firing in Fallbrook this afternoon. Hopefully this fire gets contained soon; these Santa Ana's are such a killer in So Cal. The footage from the fires that's been coming in OC/LA are just horrifying and I can only pray none of this reaches our home.


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