Chicken + Cocktails + the Cove on Christmas Eve

‘Twas the day before Christmas, and if you hadn’t noticed from the title, we were going with an unintentional theme of all things beginning with the letter “C” that day. 


First up, CROSS STREET CHICKEN AND BEER . It’s a fairly new joint located on Convoy, specializing in (you might’ve guessed) chicken and beer, that we’ve had our eye on for a while now. If you’re looking for some crispy wings with Asian-inspired flavors to share amongst a group of your closest friends, this place hits the spot.

We shared a sizzling hot plate of cheese corn, an order of soy garlic wings, and a basket of Thai chili wings. If you’re a spice fanatic like my Cambodian hubs is though, don’t fear the Thai chili — it was just right for my "level 3-4" Vietnamese taste buds. We might go for the Korean ones next time!

The only reason I recommend this place for only your closest friends is because you’re bound to get down and dirty with your hands and fingers with this meal. Your truest friends are, after all, obligated to openly pass judgement upon your savage table etiquette, but since they are your truest friends, you obviously won’t care when your hungry face is already buried half deep in that corn cheese. So, unless you’re real comfortable with your first dates like that, please don’t forget to bring some floss with you! The good news is, they kindly provide wet wipes to clean up any evidence. 


Bellies full, we made our way over to YOU & YOURS, which is a little urban distillery in East Village which holds a little special place in my heart. I haven’t been back here since the end of August when my girls threw me the most amazing bridal shower, and we were aching to try their winter cocktail menu! With a venue as photogenic as this, it's hard to imagine why you wouldn’t want your bridal shower here, right?!

They definitely got creative with these seasonal drink names, and we got a few of them during our visit. Ugly Christmas Sweater, which Jason said was the color of puke *eye roll*.  Do You Want it Spicy? - which I have to point out I am all aboard the the spicy cocktail trend train, and something along the lines of a Chai Maple Old Fashion ... but with gin! I was in gin heaven! If you don’t know me well enough, you should know that gin is definitely my thing. I can go for a classic gin and tonic any day, but a good friend (coincidentally also named Michelle!) has turned me onto a good tip about ordering gin gimlets wherever we go instead, and that hasn’t led me astray yet. Anyway, behold! Beautiful cocktails, left and right. 

But guys, the most amazing thing happened while we were drinking, and completely minding our own business. 

No, no one offered to comp our drinks or whatever. THIS FREAKING AMAZING DOG RUNS UP TO ME OUT OF NOWHERE BEGGING FOR PETS AND SCRATCHES! And me, obviously, am like well duh, of course I will, with arms wide open. Where did this dog come from?! What is your name?! Who are you?! All of these questions with none of the answers, but at that moment, none of it mattered. It was like this dog was sent to us from heaven and I loved every minute of attention we got from her. 

Turns out, she’s the owner’s dog! She’s also the friendliest thing ever and is willing to say hi to anyone that can offer up a good scratch. Love her. So much. She reminds me of my old dog, BlackJack ♥︎ And I, too, have a big soft spot for little black labs.


Souls now soothed by the calming presence of a furry friend and warm spirits (literally), we decided to keep up with an old, and admittedly forgotten, tradition of visiting the beach on Christmas Eve. We do, after all, live in sunny San Diego, and it is typically always a perfect day at the beach here on Christmas Eve. We actually hadn't even been back to La Jolla Cove since the day Jason proposed back in March of 2016. Crazy! Lucky for us, the sun was shining brightly, and we soaked up some rays for a bit before heading back home.

And that my friends was how our Christmas wrapped itself up! We had dinner with my parents beforehand since they were going out of town to celebrate (they definitely deserve it, especially after the past few months, and with the upcoming months as well). I hope you're all reading this with hearts and homes full of peace, love and above all, health! xoxo