Sunday Mornings + Drone Test Flight

Lazy Sundays are a real thing. I sleep in for as long as Jason will let me (usually 9 AM if I'm lucky). We wake up, make breakfast, then get ready for our day. This past Sunday, that didn't really mean prepping for much, except walking to the back of our community to the new puppy park and to the open space to get the drone's feet off the ground for the first time. But first thing's first—breakfast.

For us, it usually means eggs. I've always cooked mine sunny side up (just like my dad), and Jason always cooks his over-easy (oddly enough, just like my mom), but he calls them "over-difficult". I put soy sauce on my eggs instead of salt because that's just how I've always done it, and Jason eats his with hot sauce. He butters his toast, whereas I leave mine plain to I mop up my egg yolk with. We happened to have sausage in our freezer so that was our side, but its either that or some crispy bacon. Mmm mm. But you know what we definitely AREN'T huge fans of??? 

COOKING SMELLS. Ugh, I am such a huge stickler for food smells. Unless it's the smell of cookies baking in the oven, you bet I'm burning a candle... even if it's takeout that we've just brought home! If you're wondering what our go-to candle is, it's been this Mahogany Teakwood candle from Bath & Body Works. These things burn evenly, the scent permeates thoroughly throughout our house, and they last a long time (burning about 2 hours each time). We also have this high-intensity version but haven't gotten to it yet so we can't speak on what the difference is. If you like clean, masculine, almost cologne-like scents, you'll like this one. But if you like sweet, fruity ones, then this probably isn't what you're looking for. I stocked up on 3 of these babies the last time they had a sale (price usually drops to ~$8-10 per candle when on sale) so those are good times to buy backups!

After breakfast, we wandered through the newly constructed area of our community, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the fire pit we didn't know existed and the BBQ's that looked untouched. We wandered down the path a little, then Jason took his new toy out for a test flight! It was super dry and windy out and there were plenty of gusts coming around over the ridge where we were standing, so we only ended up flying it for maybe 5 minutes, but I'd say the flight was a success since everything came back intact!


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