Salt & Straw Pop-Up + Day Drinking

Portland (in my mind) is basically our second home. So imagine my face when I first found out the cult fave ice cream shop Salt & Straw was opening up in our very own Little Italy, right on India St! I honestly just need a Blue Star and Nong's to open up down here and I may not need to fly up there anymore (who am I kidding — we don't have any kind of weather down here besides HOT and the only color our bushes know is BROWN). 

So to kick off their soon-to-be opening, Salt & Straw decided to hold some pop-up events this weekend, one of which happened to be at the Modern Times Fermentorium in Point Loma. We were planning to stop by Moniker General for some cocktails that afternoon anyway, and since this was on the way, well.. I don't really need any more convincing to divulge in ice cream and beer.

With our appetites wetted with a scoop of their delicious collab James Coffee + Compartes Loves Nuts and a pour of Modern Times' BA Devil's Teeth, we then made our way to Moniker General. FYI, parking at Liberty Station (which is typically more than plenty) is totally packed right now during the holidays! We took our seats at the bar, Jason ordered his usual old fashion, and I ordered their Sgt. Pepper Gimlet. SO. DELISH. If you're a gin fan and gimlets are your thang, and spicy things are right up your alley, I highly recommend this drink. Perfectly balanced and well made. And to top it off, because Richer Poorer were having a special holiday shopping event, our drinks were on them! We missed out on the street tacos (HUUUUGE SAD FACE) but Jason ended up buying a long sleeve and we got hooked up with a pretty solid coffee mug! Free drinks and a mug for the price of a shirt — not a bad deal... but definitely would've been better if we'd gotten some tacos in :'( 

Lesson learned: do not dwell on ice cream when there are street tacos to be had

So at this point, our stomachs are filled only with beer, cocktails, and a shared scoop of ice cream. It's about 3 PM, and we're pretty dang hungry. I'm still craving some meat, so we decide to head to Giorgino's in South Park for some cheesesteaks (which also gave us an excuse to head to Hamilton's afterwards as well). It's a day drinking marathon! And we haven't done this in a LONG, long time. The cheesesteaks hit the spot. Food coma shortly ensued, and it was nap time for me. It was 4 PM, and I was having flashbacks of Portland: eat, drink, run around and drink some more, take pictures as we drink, eat, NAP, then wake up, have dinner, then go to bed and repeat the following day. Except we were in San Diego, but one thing was for sure, it was definitely my nap time. Jason still wanted to stop by Hammy's though, because we were literally blocks away and it was bound to be empty at this hour so we went for it (and he was still hungry... how?!)

One of my favorite things about Hammy's (besides the beer) are the dogs we get to see. I always say hi. Try to spot the little one in the picture above :) The rest of our night consisted of me knocking out on the couch wrapped up in a blanket and us eating a bag of popcorn while watching Youtube videos. The little things. It was nice to finally have a full day off of work, and to be able to be out and about spending time doing "non adult-related" things with my HUSBAND. :p